Internal Medicine

Indira Poojary, M.D.

Dr. Indira Poojary of Manipal, India is a graduate of the Yenepoya Medical College. She enjoys reading novels (fiction), gardening, cooking and binging on web series. Dr. Poojary is delighted to be a part of the first group of residents in the Internal Medicine Residency program. She believes that the program’s open and responsive environment is particularly inviting, especially the team’s willingness to consider resident feedback. Dr Poojary believes that the attending staff at Crestwood Medical Center are ever-prepared to impart knowledge while fostering a nurturing work atmosphere.

As a doctor, Dr. Poojary’s goal is to provide quality patient care, and she’s confident that the training at Crestwood will equip her with the knowledge and skills needed to face the challenges she is sure to encounter. Dr. Poojary has a particular interest in working in underserved areas and working closely with communities to address healthcare disparities while contributing to the overall well-being of the community. She believes that the hands-on experience and opportunities that Crestwood offers will be invaluable to her in helping to achieve her goals.

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