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Our Program

Welcome to Crestwood Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program. Our program is an ACGME-accredited (ACGME ID: 1200100730) residency program based in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our residency program is accepting applications for our second class to start on July 1, 2024. Each class is comprised of eight residents for a total of 24 residents at full complement.

Our mission is to develop an innovative and expansive training experience for the residents, preparing them for sustained excellence and success as they face the challenges of the future. The program strives to provide a foundation which prepares our future residents for careers as physicians and leaders in primary care, with special emphasis on developing effective leaders of multidisciplinary primary care teams responsive to the needs of diverse patient populations.

We are searching for residents to join our staff and faculty in the creation of an atmosphere that promotes wellness for our physicians, patient care team members and our patients. Our program integrates the diverse backgrounds and life experiences of our staff and faculty to meet the needs of our patients and colleagues. We strive to serve our patients with professionalism and humility. We aspire to lead care delivery with service in mind, always accountable to others while being respectful of our teammates, patients and community.

Our program aims to prepare our residents to be ready for real world practice in the community of their choice. We hope our well-rounded education enables each resident to pursue any career path they choose. Our program will prepare our residents to:

  • Practice comprehensive family medicine, with an emphasis on developing excellent clinical skills and providing patient-centered, culturally-aware, high-value care
  • Collaborate with and competently lead an interdisciplinary team
  • Practice self-care with attention to one’s own physical and mental wellness
  • Engage in life-long learning and teaching
  • Apply public health principles and utilize community resources to manage the health of populations as well as a personal panel of patients
  • Demonstrate compassion for patients in everyday care, respect toward other members of the healthcare team and empathy for the community, with focus on the underserved
  • Participate and lead quality initiatives that promote optimal systems-based care

Our residency program offers residents the opportunity to join energetic hospital and program leadership jointly committed to resident education and well-being. We are excited to offer the opportunity for our future residents to join us in leaving an indelible mark on the program for future classes and future physicians at Crestwood Medical Center.


The didactic lecture series is structured as a protected and dedicated academic time during the week. Residents are expected to attend daily and weekly sessions, with the exception of those on night float or at an off-site rotation. Didactic activities and conferences will be recorded whenever possible. Recordings and associated material will be available electronically for review. In addition to these, some activities are asynchronous and listed below as such.

Daily activities include:

  • Morning Report
  • Noon Conferences
  • Supervised Handoff Meetings at Shift Change

Activities within the academic time include:

  • Balint Group Discussions
  • Chart Review
  • Core Family Medicine Lectures
  • Grand Rounds
  • Health Care Delivery Setting & Systems Lectures
  • Journal Club
  • Morbidity & Mortality Conference
  • Physician Well-Being Lectures, Workshops & Activities
  • Practice Management Conferences
  • Professionalism & Communication Workshops
  • Quality & Process Improvement Lectures & Workshops
  • Residents as Teachers Curriculum
  • Simulation Activities & Mock Codes

Activities that are asynchronous include:

  • ACLS/BLS, ALSO & NRP Training
  • IHI Quality & Process Improvement Curriculum
  • CHS-required online modules on Patient Safety, HIPAA, Quality & Process Improvement via HealthStream/Advanced Learning Center (ALC)


The program’s core purpose is to design and support a family medicine residency that develops physicians of the future who humbly serve our local community and ultimately, the communities in which they will independently practice. Given the limited number of primary care physicians in the State of Alabama, we are hopeful that many of our graduates may choose to practice in our local communities and their surrounding geographic areas.

We aspire for our graduates to develop comprehensive expertise in the clinical practice of family medicine, capable of success in either independent or employed physician practice. With these goals in mind, our program’s curriculum is a focused balance between inpatient and ambulatory care of patients of all ages in the Huntsville community and surrounding areas. Our program is structured as 13 four-week each academic year (July 1 through June 30).

A typical resident will experience the following rotations during their three years of training:

PGY1: Continuity Clinic is one half-day weekly for Inpatient Rotations and 2-3 half-days weekly for all other rotations.

Ambulatory Family Medicine2
Inpatient Adult Medicine2
Inpatient Labor and Delivery1
Critical Care Medicine1
Emergency Medicine1
General Surgery1
Newborn Nursery/NICU1
Sports Medicine/Musculoskeletal1

PGY2: Continuity Clinic is one half-day weekly on inpatient rotations and 1-3 half-days weekly on outpatient rotations.

Outpatient Family Medicine2
Inpatient Family Medicine Service2
Inpatient Labor and Delivery2
Inpatient Pediatrics1
Pediatric Emergency Medicine1
Outpatient Pediatrics1
Behavioral Health1

PGY3: Continuity Clinic is one half-day weekly on inpatient rotations and four half-days weekly on outpatient rotations.

Outpatient Family Medicine Service4
Night Float for Family Medicine Service1.5
Outpatient Pediatrics1
Outpatient Dermatology1
Emergency Medicine0.5
Health Systems Management0.5
Outpatient Otolaryngology0.5
Outpatient Ophthalmology0.5

*No more than two consecutive weeks of night float will be assigned at a time
**Can be taken 1-2 weeks at a time

Elective Options

Surgical: ENT, Ophthalmology, Bariatric Surgery, Anesthesiology, Interventional Radiology or Surgical OB – Hospital-based

Medical: Adolescent Medicine, Gynecology – Office-based procedures, Dermatology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Critical Care, Sports Medicine – Advanced, Travel Medicine, Emergency Medicine – Advanced, Urgent Care Medicine – Advanced, Global Health, Community Free Clinic/Community Outreach, Radiology, Hospital Medicine – Advanced, or Rural Health

Other: Wellness or Research

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