Family Medicine


Dear Prospective Family Medicine Resident,

As the Director of a new program, I am excited to offer you the opportunity to explore our Family Medicine Residency Program at Crestwood Medical Center. I have been core faculty at Family Medicine residency programs for over 17 years and am happy to now call Huntsville my home. We are a community and family- oriented program.

We believe in diversity, inclusion and equity. Our goal is to provide the best educational environment and experience to prepare future physicians. As a member of our resident team, you will train and provide care at the Family Medicine Health and Wellness Center located just yards from the main hospital. This close proximity will help you provide the continuity of care that is so vital in Family Medicine. You will work with multi-disciplinary teams and in settings that focus on a patient-centered approach to healthcare. We have a talented group of faculty and staff who are committed to residency education and role models for successful family medicine practices.

It is our mission to improve our patients’ quality of life and enhance the well-being of our community by providing an environment that is compassionate, safe, efficient and team-oriented. If these words are meaningful to you, we hope you will consider joining our Family Medicine Residency Program at Crestwood. Residents who complete our program should readily find positions in the rapidly growing Huntsville community. Additionally, Crestwood is part of Community Health Systems which has over 75 hospitals around the country with the opportunity to continue your career in post-residency positions. Our program is committed to providing training during residency that will prepare graduates for work in either independent or employed settings. I look forward to meeting with you and becoming part of your journey in Family Medicine.


Shaista Qureshi, M.D., M.B.B.S., D.A.B.F.M., F.A.A.F.P.
Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program
Crestwood Medical Center
ACGME ID: 120010073
NRMP Code: 2335120C4

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