Internal Medicine


What are the Program Identification Numbers/Codes?

Our Program Identification Numbers are:
ACGME ID: 1400100001
NRMP Code: 2335140C4

What are the USMLE/COMLEX requirements?

We require an USMLE/COMLEX transcript be submitted as part of your application to be considered for interview selection. We have no preference between USMLE or COMLEX and will utilize the higher of the two scores when presented both. See below for more specific information on each step/level:

  • USMLE/COMLEX 1: Prefer passage by the second attempt due to the Alabama Board of Medicine’s licensure requirements
  • USMLE/COMLEX 2: Prefer passage on the first attempt; applications with second attempts will be reviewed based on the numerical delta between first and second attempt
  • USMLE/COMLEX 2 CS/PE: Irrelevant, not considered
  • USMLE/COMLEX 3: Not required and, as such, passage is of no influence but failures are noted

What are graduation date requirements?

We prefer candidates currently in their fourth year of medical school or within 36-months of graduation.

Do you offer audition rotations to medical students or medical graduates?

We are currently only offering audition rotations to medical students who are affiliated with ACOM and VCOM, but will consider other medical students depending on availability. For scheduling questions, contact Carrie Buss, Program Coordinator: [email protected].

Do you require applicants to have U.S. clinical experience, externship, or observership?

If graduation occurred between January 1, 2016-December 31, 2020: we strongly prefer applicants who were either full-time clinically active physicians in their home country or who can demonstrate routine clinical activity in the U.S. in their ERAS application.

If graduation occurred on or after January 1, 2021: we do not require U.S. clinical experience, externship or observerships.

Do you sponsor visas?

Our program provides J1 visa sponsorship only at this time.

Are there any individuals who are not eligible to apply?

Applicants from the following medical schools cannot obtain a medical license in the state of Alabama and therefore are ineligible for our program:

  • Universidad Tecnolgica de Santiago, Dominican Republic (UTESA)
  • Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Dominican Republic (UNIREMHOS)
  • St. Christopher’s College, Dakar, Senegal
  • University of Health Sciences Antigua, St. Johns (Antigua), Dominican Republic

Can I email the program some questions specific to my application?

Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to questions via email or voicemail. Please send all applications for Crestwood Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency program via ERAS and, if we need additional information to answer your questions, we will reach out to you.

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